Photographer: Kellie Spano

 The same way that an EEG is the record of the brain’s electrical impulses, 
The Last Two Seconds
 is a record of a brain actively thinking. The EEG is raw data; the book is data encoded in language. The particular thinking captured by this book concerns the complications of being human in the 21st century. The individual poems are staged backdrops—scaffolding, scenery, makeup, props, and costumes—against which characters step forward to consider both the “real” world at this moment in time and the effect of that world on the construct we call a self...  >MORE

 The impressive and challenging Bang, winner of the 2007 NBCC Award for  Elegy, has never been accused of optimism, but this powerful, caustic set of lyrical and antilyrical works might be her harshest collection yet. Bang rebukes herself and her readers, dresses down civilization, takes on species extinction, militarism, and bodily decay while warning us...

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